The #1 Bowhunters in Deer Hunter 2005

The #1 Bowhunters In Deer Hunter 2005
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 Our forum and server rules PLEASE READ

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Our forum and server rules PLEASE READ Empty
PostSubject: Our forum and server rules PLEASE READ   Our forum and server rules PLEASE READ I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 3:50 am

Please Read these rules

The ExTrEmE BoWhUnTeR Forums are here for men, women and children to discuss and share information about the hunting. Our goal is to maintain a respectful and positive discussion of game/outdoor-related issues, free of offensive, illegal, or obscene content. In general, any material that is on-topic and written in a polite manner is acceptable. However, obscene, inflammatory, illegal, or derogatory posts will not be tolerated. Therefore, please adhere to the following message board rules and guidelines:

1. Content
Any posts that are offensive or illegal are not allowed. Such posts will be immediately removed from the message boards. Posters must refrain from posting any material that:
A. Attacks or insults others on the board
B. Is obscene, vulgar, or profane
C. Is disparaging of someone’s race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, or sex
D. Is harassing or threatening in nature
E. Infringes on someone’s right to privacy
F. Contains adult Content, nudity, or pornography
G. Is inappropriate to children under the age of 12
H. Is illegal
I. Is commercial in nature
J. Contains viruses, piracy, or worms
K. Breaks copyright law or infringes on property rights
L. Contains links to any of the above offensive material
M. Any other material that Indiana Morel deems inappropriate

2. No Flaming. Be courteous.
While ExTrEmE BoWhUnTeR encourages the exchange of ideas and information, we do not tolerate attacks. People are very passionate about sports, and while discussion and debate is encouraged, any remark that personally attacks someone will be removed. Challenge others’ points of view, but do so in a courteous manner.

3. Stay on topic
This is a ExTrEmE BoWhUnTeR forum. Please keep all topics pertinent to its proper place.

4. Copyright
DO NOT post copyrighted materials. Information that is copyrighted or owned by an entity other than the poster is not allowed. If such material is posted, written consent of the owner is required. The only exception is if you use a brief excerpt, in which case the text must be in quotes and contain a reference of where the information originated. If you wish to reference an article you may post a link, provided said link does not violate any content rules outlined above. Furthermore, if copyrighted material is posted, ExTrEmE BoWhUnTeR is not responsible. The individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible and is vulnerable to all legal repercussions.

5. Privacy
Please adhere to any federal or state privacy statutes. Material that infringes on someone’s privacy rights will immediately be deleted. And, depending on the severity of the violation, the poster’s privileges may be revoked.

6. Avoid repeating or unnecessary threads
We want to create a user-friendly forum, so please avoid creating threads on a subject where a thread already exists. In addition, do not create multiple similar topics simply to call attention to a particular subject or cause. We understand this cannot always be avoided, but where you can, please use the search tool to search for old topics.

7. Commercial Use
Using the forum for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Posts advertising a web site without a good reason will be deleted. And remember, it is our decision as to what a “good reason” may be.

8. Legal responsibility
As mentioned above, you are prohibited from posting any information that may be libelous, harassing, threatening, defaming, or may be an invasion of someone’s privacy. Failure to do so may result in legal action.

9. Our Responsibilities
ExTrEmE BoWhUnTeR will try its best to maintain a clean and safe place to post. However, it is impossible for us to monitor all posts at all times. Therefore,ExTrEmE BoWhUnTeR is not responsible for posts on the forum. In addition, the posts in no way reflect the opinions of ExTrEmE BoWhUnTeR or its staff. If any of the above rules are violated, Inside Lacrosse may take action against the poster. Those actions may include: editing a post, deleting a post/thread, suspension from the forum, or legal action. Every time you post your IP address is recorded if you need to be banned or if more severe actions need to be taken. If you see a post that you feel needs to be removed, you may contact the IJ staff or hit the “report” button to report the post.

10. Membership
Only forum members are allowed to post. By becoming a member you agree to the rules set forth in this document. If you under the age of 18, be sure to get your parents permission before registering for the ExTrEmE BoWhUnTeR Forums. You also recognize that your membership may be revoked at any time and if your post is in violation of these rules your post may be removed or altered at any time.

11.We do not tolerate and kind of cheats in our game server.If your caught you will be banned from the server and our forums.

Thanks, PoSsUm

Our forum and server rules PLEASE READ Newsiggy
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Our forum and server rules PLEASE READ
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