The #1 Bowhunters in Deer Hunter 2005

The #1 Bowhunters In Deer Hunter 2005
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 Application submission for Marlboro Man

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Marlboro Man

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Application submission for Marlboro Man  Empty
PostSubject: Application submission for Marlboro Man    Application submission for Marlboro Man  I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 18, 2011 10:18 am

In-Game Name
Marlboro Man


How old are you?

Why do you want to join -{xB}-?
Bow hunting for Deer Hunter 2005 is more challenging in return I get more out of it. This individual server is practically the only one I visit as of now.

All members are required to visit the website daily.Check in for updates or changes. Will you agree with this rule?

Who (if anyone) referred you to apply)?
Joe Bud approached me on 1/16/11 @ approx. 10:32pm. Asked me if I would be interested in joining a new group of hunters. I responded that I would be more than happy to join, that I would be delighted too. He, Bud, then referred me to the sites address and gave me explicit instruction over application procedures. I followed the sites instructions, filled out/ posted the application, etc.

Will you obey our forum and server rules?

Any other information you want to include is welcome.
Avid hunter, elk, mule deer, white tail, turkey, quail, duck, dove, pheasant, and fresh and salt water fisherman. Pretty well rounded outdoors man.

P.S. I hope I am placing this in correct and appropriate space that was requested for application submissions.

Please complete all questions and an admin will get in touch with you

When your accepted into the clan you keep your name no changing it. I want to know who the hell I'm dealing with Wink

xTrEmE BoWhUnTeRs

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Application submission for Marlboro Man
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